Suicide – nice concept

2009 August 13

browsing on net I reached an interesting page where I found following qoute:

Camus declared that
the basic metaphysical problem
is the question of suicide.

All the insoluble problems of humanity
result from having failed
to answer that correctly.

Among the good reasons for killing oneself
is the sad awareness of the impossibility
of killing everyone else.
I found it interesting because in a way its true. It would have been nicer if doing suicide was similar to changing professions, relocating, etc etc. Nobody knows when he/she last died, so in a way all are immortals. Imagine, one does not like his present living style and commits suicide, now he is in new place, new people etc etc but he does not know that he is there because he committed suicide earlier. One can repeat that unless he no more feels the urge to suicide. I think world would be happier 🙂


Cars – Missing front vent window

2009 July 17

I miss front vent window in modern cars. The cute little triangular mirror in front dooor of old cars like “ambassador” was a great utility for cars in India. For traffic like in delhi, this little window is very very useful. Nowdays when I travel in Delhi in my small car, i need to turn on ac even when weather outside the car is pleasant only beacause there is no verntialtion window in modern cars. This seems to be poor marketing stunts of the big auto companies. They somewhoe want us to put on ac all the time so that they can sell more such units and make more money. I can find this as the only reason why modern cars dont have from vent windows. If i could get one on my car, I can just open it in a pleasant weather and enjoy the breeze without need to turn on ac. I am looking out for forums where I cud raise this issue and make convince car manufactures that front vent window should be there in modern cars. It will save lot of fuel also.

Half second thought

2009 May 31

Other day one of my close friend told me that he is buying a new house. I congratulated him and hugged him. And then we settled down and were enjoying the treat given by him, I suddenly realized that there was one thought that crossed my mind for a moment when my friend told me about his achievement. And I was shocked when I recollected that thought. The thought was of envy, jealousy or similar sort of but definitely was of negative nature compared to standard good thinking. I realized that the thought which I now term as “HST” (half second thought), came and I suppressed it with thoughts of being joyous over my friends achievement. Since then I am checking my thoughts about such HSTs.

And guess what, HSTs are always there. HST come and go sometimes automatically, sometimes we suppress them with good thoughts. These HSTs reflect basic nature of a human being, his/her interests, aspirations etc etc.

Have anybody of you realized such thoughts. I am missing a world where these HSTs could be expressed freely without annoying anybody.